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Who are we?

The IDD is a clear example of the spirit of the University of Deusto with its clear focus on the social topics of interdependence, resource distribution, migrations, human rights, development, poverty and the environment, ethics and society, and drug dependencies. It also studies cultural identity (individual and group), values and European integration processes, which has prompted it to join several international research teams.


The University of Deusto’s knowledge applied to drug dependencies

The Institute of Drug Dependencies is an interdisciplinary institute within the University of Deusto, which works in a specialist area of knowledge: drugs and addiction.

  • This university institute was officially created in 1989. Its mission is to combine all the training, assessment and research carried out at the University of Deusto in the field of drug dependencies. It was the first university institute founded to train and recycle professionals practising or researching in the field of drug prevention, abuse, etc.
  • It is interdisciplinary because the problem of drug dependencies and its treatment overlaps into various fields. Solutions can be found through different disciplines and fields of knowledge in which the University of Deusto has broad experience. This is why we also cover areas related to drugs.


Our many years of work and study have yielded the following results...
  • A large scientific production (articles, publications).
  • Constant innovation in research and training.
  • Many professionals have received specialist training at the institute.
  • A large number of institutions have received expert advice from the IDD.
  • Valuable joint work with professionals and organisations from the field of prevention, care, social insertion, research and monitoring.
  • Collaboration agreements in Spain and abroad for training and research.

Mission, Vision and Values


The University of Deusto (UD) is at the service of society, aiming to build a fair, social and solidary world with man's dignity as the guiding principle. For this reason, the UD’s mission to serve society is also the IDD’s.

The IDD centres its efforts on research and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the broad field of drugs, addiction and other dependencies and abuse as well as its related areas (family, education, childhood, adolescence and youth).

The IDD aims to provide high quality comprehensive training which combines academic excellence and cutting-edge research in the field of drugs. The participation of practising professionals and innovation are also distinctive features.


The 3 main pillars of the idd are:

  • High quality training adapted to the times we live in.
  • Cutting-edge research in Spain and on the international scene.
  • Assessment and advice, based on the active participation of practising professionals from this field.

Contact us at

Institute of Drug DependenciesAvenida de las Universidades, 24 48007 - Bilbao944 139
DirectorJuan Manuel González de Audikana944 139 003 Ext. 2891
Research TeamOffices (old cataloguing rooms)3rd floor, Main Building944 139 003 Ext. 2754 y 2693
Secretary’s officeMaría CampilloDean’s Office, Faculty of Psychology and Education, beside the Salón de Grados, Main Building944 139 083