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josu solabarrieta decanoI would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Psychology and Education webpage and encourage you to find out about our wide variety of academic programmes, research and knowledge transfer.

Our faculty is distinctive for its scope, variety and coherence, as you can see from the structure of our webpage. We are offering new programmes this year and have over 30 years' experience in teaching and research.

This growth is the result of our unflagging commitment to adapt to society's constantly changing needs. At present, the Faculty of Psychology and Education offers various undergraduate programmes in Psychology, Education, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and a wide range of official Master's degrees, Deusto postgraduate degrees, PhD programmes, and specialist and lifelong learning courses.

The faculty has a large number of research teams which generate advanced knowledge and transfer in their fields, thus enabling us to enhance quality and ensure that our programmes are taught by the most highly qualified staff.

We hope to contribute to building a fairer more advanced society with our programmes and research teams by generating new learning experiences.

We form a diverse community, with lecturers, researchers, administrative and services staff, and students who all work together. We share the vision and mission of our university project and the apostolic work of the Society of Jesus. We go about our work with the firm conviction that accepting differences and creating shared opportunities for meeting and building a better society is a key value. Our faculty and university are formed by people of different origins, profiles and beliefs; where students’ professional and personal growth is at the very core of our identity and everyday tasks.

Our efforts ultimately focus on continuing to form a human team which is not only outstanding for its scientific knowledge but also for its firm commitment to training competent professionals and all-round individuals. We believe that learning should be a constant in our lives. This means that we strive for continuous improvement, to set examples that encourage our students to embrace this meaning of lifelong learning.

Josu Solabarrieta
Dean, Faculty of Psychology and Education

Useful information - Bilbao campus

We want our campus to be a convenient place to live and study. The following services focus on making it easier for you:

- Over 400 parking spaces
- Library open all day
- Fixed menus for €4

Useful information - San Sebastian campus

We want our campus to be a convenient place to live and study. The following services focus on making it easier for you:

- €4 fixed menus
- Parking
- Bookshop open all day