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With the approval of the Congregatio de Institutione Catholic, the new Faculty of Education and Psychology opened its doors on 1 September 2009. It was built on the foundations, history and experience of the former Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences, which had offered studies in the fields of Psychology and Education since 1976.

A renewed faculty to meet today's needs

The new faculty passes on its humanist legacy, having reformulated and adapted its curricula to the European Higher Education Area as it focuses on responding to society’s need for increasingly practical, specialist and professional training, so highly demanded on the job market. However, it has remained loyal to its idea of forming free individuals with a sense of values, the capacity to reflect on their actions, a desire to serve and who are capable of questioning and improving society, using the newest methodologies to foster significant learning and the desire to continue their education in future.


Growth of the new faculty

In its brief history, the faculty has registered high growth as it brought in the experience, teams and projects from the Institute of Educational Sciences and the Institute of Drug Dependencies. These two centres are pioneers in innovation and continuing education in their fields. In keeping with new demands on the university scene, new research teams have been formed and have received official recognition from the University of Deusto and the Basque Government. Existing teams have been consolidated, having published an increasing number of works in impact journals and given papers at scientific meetings and congresses.

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A strategic plan for knowledge transfer from the faculty has been approved. DeustoPsych (Research, Development and Innovation in Clinical and Health Psychology) has been developed, equipped with innovative resources for research and learning and coordinated with psychological research teams.

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Over 700 new students each year

What truly makes our faculty distinctive is its wide range of
which welcome over 700 new students each year
(undergraduates and postgraduates) at the two University of Deusto
campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastian.

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In its short history, the faculty has shown its firm commitment to multilingual education by increasing the number of subjects offered in Basque and English and mobility stays for undergraduates and postgraduates. it has also implemented the Tutorial Plan proposed by the University Guidance Service.

It has recently formed part of a pilot experience to assess the internal Quality Assurance system required to receive accreditation from the Basque quality agency (Unibasq.

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Future prospects

While it is true that we are going through uncertain times and the future holds challenges, this is when we feel it is most necessary to transmit a coherent, vital message which can contribute through education and reflection on psychology and education to find human and existential answers with real solutions that make sense in today’s world. This is what the faculty aims to achieve through its educational and research programmes and knowledge transfer.

The widespread acceptance of our programmes, year after year, leads us to believe we are on the right track.

Useful information - Bilbao campus

We want our campus to be a convenient place to live and study. The following services focus on making it easier for you:

- Over 400 parking spaces
- Library open all day
- Fixed menus for €4

Useful information - San Sebastian campus

We want our campus to be a convenient place to live and study. The following services focus on making it easier for you:

- €4 fixed menus
- Parking
- Bookshop open all day