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roberto pereira


roberto pereira

Visiting Professor
Positions in other companies or institutions:
Jefe del Centro de Salud Mental de Santurce (Osakidetza) Director de la Escuela Vasco-Navarra de Terapia Familiar y de Euskarri
Curriculum Vitae - PDF

-Roberto Pereira Tercero. Psychiatrist, Family and Marriage Psychotherapist and Teaching Supervisor certified by the Spanish Federation of Family Therapy Associations (FEATF) and by the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapy Associations (FEAP). He leads the Basque-Navarre Family Therapy School (EVNTF), and Euskarri, Filio-Parental Violence Intervention Centre. President of Relates and SEVIFIP. He directs the collection “Terapia Familiar Iberoamericana” published by Editorial Morata. He is the author of numerous works on Family Therapy.