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Incoming Students


Information for Incoming Students

Bachelor’s degree programmes, Faculty of Psychology and Education

Double bachelor’s degree programmes, Faculty of Psychology and Education


Undergraduate subjects taught in English
asignaturas en ingles primaria
Primary Education (Bilbao) 

1st semester

General Principles of Learning and Teaching

English for Primary Teachers I            




2nd semester

Natural Sciences and its Didactics I

Didactics of Foreign Languages I: English

English for Primary Teachers II

Didactics of Foreign Languages II: English

Creative Use of Teaching Resources in Primary Education

asignaturas en ingles primaria
Primary Education (Donostia - San Sebastián) 

1st semester


Physical Education and Its Didactics






asignaturas en ingles primaria

1st semester 

Personality Psychology

Social Psychology

Biological Basis of behavior I

Legal and Forensic Psychology

Psychological Intervention and Treatment II 








2nd semester

Biological Bases of behaviour II

Psychological Processes II

Developmental Psychology

Biological Bases of Behaviour III

Technical English for Psychology

Psychology of Education

Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis III

Psychology of Drug Addiction

Psychological Intervention and Treatment III

Marriage and Family Therapy

Health and Positive Psychology                                             

PLEASE NOTE: International students are also eligible to enrol in subjects taught at other faculties



International courses

The International Spanish Centre (CIDE) at the University of Deusto offers a wide range of specific courses for international students, in addition to being an examination centre of qualifications recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Faculty International Contact

International Relations CoordinatorItziar Elexpuru
944 139 112
PsychologyInternational Mobility: Susana Corral944 139 000 (ext. 3046)
Acebo García Guerrero
944 139 000 (ext. 2299)
Social EducationInternational Mobility: Concepción Maiztegui Oñate944 13 90 29
Primary EducationInternational Mobility – Bilbao:  Nerea Gutiérrez Fernández944 139 000 (ext. 2115)
International Mobility – San Sebastian: Patxi León Guereño
943 326 600
Physical Activity and Sports SciencesInternational Mobility: Iker Sáez Gómez de Cadiñanos
944 139 000 (ext. 3151)